Press Releases

With World Diabetes Day on 14 November, we are reminded of the profound impact the illness has on South Africans. The latest report of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) shows that the number of South Africans who suffer from diabetes is on the increase, where approximately 15% of South Africans above the ages of 50 to 79 suffer from the disease in retirement. However, pensioners are able to receive a higher monthly income if they suffer from ill health. Read more

National Treasury published a series of papers between 2012 and 2015 on the shortcomings of the annuity market in South Africa and draft default annuity regulations to address these. Just Retirement, a UK-listed specialist annuity provider, entered South Africa as a direct response to these challenges with a view to improving customer outcomes in retirement. Today we announce the launch of a world-first Enhanced With-Profit Annuity. Read more

“South African retirees are hurtling towards destitution in their old age by blindly following the misguided ‘collective wisdom’ of the herd,” says Deane Moore, CEO of Just Retirement South Africa. Read more

Labour unions and the National Treasury agree on the urgent need to improve the value for money of retirement solutions, but disagree on next steps. Deane Moore, CEO of Just Retirement South Africa, shares this sense of urgency: “The time has arrived for annuities to be revolutionised to improve customer outcomes. Living annuities only provide good value if you die early. Conventional guaranteed annuities require the poor and ill to subsidise the rich and healthy. And with-profit annuities have been subject to opaque insurer discretion.” Read more

In a recent survey conducted by specialist annuity provider Just Retirement South Africa, retirees stated a clear preference for income security in retirement, with no financial risk. However, when it comes to investing their retirement savings they act completely contrary to this. Read more