Spend more time on sales and less time on admin

14 October 2016

I know from several years of working with advisers that many other tasks infringe on your sales time, and that a lot of time spent on a quote doesn’t always mean a lot of income for you.

We don’t want the quote-to-contract process to be complex and time-consuming, so we’ve established a simple procedure that we’d like to outline here. It could be useful to print this out and keep as a handy reference, or view it online at here.

I. Step by step: Just Retirement’s quote process

II. Step by step: Just Retirement’s new business process

1.Complete an application form with your client. We recently condensed our application form, so this will also save you ink and paper. We supply the form to you when we quote for your client.

2.Send the completed application form and all the supporting documents (very important) to us.

3.We check the application and complete due diligence.

4.We ensure that the purchase sum is received from the transferring fund.

5.We send your client a text message to inform them that we’ve received the purchase sum and that we are finalising their policy.

6.Congrats! We send a welcome pack to you and to your client to confirm successful application. The welcome pack contains a welcome letter, policy contract and policy schedule, which shows the starting annuity amount.

7.We send the policyholder records to our payroll administrator.

8.Our payroll administrator will send your client a text message to inform them that they will be making payment and to confirm the payment date.

Let us have your feedback

My team and I are here to help. We want the process to be seamless and hassle-free, and would welcome your feedback should you experience any difficulties. We’ve already had constructive input from advisers, which has enabled us to make the process easier and aligned to your processes. Thank you!

Till next time.


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