Are trustees setting up their members for failure?

Published Date: February 2018

Many trustees are establishing default annuity strategies which inadvertently set up their members for failure by giving them little to no guidance about the sustainability of their income in retirement and by not providing an option to secure a guaranteed Lifetime Income.


Is your nest egg JustEnough to afford a nest in retirement?

Published Date: December 2017

Many retirees may be surprised to discover that the cost of a home in a retirement village is out of their reach and the sale of their existing home might not be enough to afford retirement accommodation. So how much will be enough?


Living annuitants will not leave a legacy unless essential spending is covered

Published Date: November 2017

One of the reasons given for the popularity of living annuities is that, on death, the remaining capital can be left to beneficiaries. Based on analysis by Just, a provider of sustainable income solutions in retirement, it is only the one-third of living annuity investors drawing less than 5% p.a. that have a high probability of leaving some legacy to beneficiaries.


How much is JUSTENOUGH for retirement?

Published Date: September 2017

A great deal of attention is focused on appropriate investment strategies in retirement. Until recently, advisers had to choose between a living annuity with a flexible investment strategy and an inflexible life annuity providing guarantees. Now it is possible to access the best of both in a single structure.


How much is JustEnough in retirement for dementia sufferers?

Published Date: September 2017

Dementia has overtaken AIDS to become the second biggest killer after cancer, according to the World Health Organisation, and there is no cure in sight. A degenerative condition affecting the brain, dementia primarily affects the elderly, resulting in memory loss, impaired communication skills and an inability to make simple decisions. This increase in dementia highlights the need to make the right provisions in retirement.


Struggling in retirement at the cost of a legacy

Published Date: August 2017

The Association of Savings and Investments South Africa (ASISA) recently announced that drawdown rates on living annuities increased from 6,44% to 6,62% in 2016. The increase is the first in six years since 2011 and is not surprising given that markets had been relatively flat and inflation still relatively high.


Gender inequality in retirement - till death do us part

Published Date: August 2017

Financial vulnerability is one of the greatest challenges women face today. A woman’s life expectancy is three to four years longer than a man’s, and women typically marry men who are three to four years older than themselves. Not only can women expect to grow old alone, but most will also run out of retirement savings before they die.


Three retirement strategies amidst market turmoil

Published Date: April 2017

A few weeks have passed since the political drama that unfolded which caused South Africa’s sovereign risk downgrades to junk status by key ratings agencies, S&P and Fitch. It is clear that tough economic times lie ahead, so what retirement strategies should South Africans consider to navigate their finances amidst the storm?


Just Retirement rethinks retirement and launches new brand identity

Published Date: February 2017

Just Retirement, a subsidiary of JRP Group Plc (UK) launched its new brand identity, “Just” last week, locking in the descriptor “Rethink Retirement”.