Women with breast cancer may qualify for a higher income in retirement

Published Date: October 2019

Breast cancer survivors may qualify for a higher income in retirement by declaring their full illness history when purchasing a guaranteed life annuity. The latest inhouse research by retirement income specialist Just shows that of Just’s medically underwritten cases, approximately 30% qualified for an uplift of at least 5%.

Consume more in retirement with confidence

Published Date: August 2019

In South Africa we grapple with the problem that people haven’t saved enough for retirement. Added to this is the fact that people are living longer, and market returns are unpredictable, so retirees need to be resilient in the face of uncertainty. With most retirees using living annuities to give them an income, many are worried their capital could run out too early. Is there a solution? In addition to saving more, consider using a retirement vehicle that manages both longevity and market performance risks.

Rethink retirement, spend sustainably

Published Date: August 2019

In the face of rising living costs and high levels of household debt, the notion of retiring comfortably seems beyond reach for many South Africans. However, Just maintains that soon-to-be retirees can facilitate a smoother transition towards a sustainable lifestyle in retirement by rethinking their essential spending.


Longevity protection in a living annuity

Published Date: August 2019

Retirement fund members will now be able to secure longevity protection within a living annuity. This comes after the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) announced an exemption from its criteria for living annuities in a default annuity strategy. The exemption expands customer choice and will help improve the financial outcomes of people in retirement.


Consciously apply your capital at retirement

Published Date: June 2019

When it comes to a sustainable retirement, retirees should consider their needs in terms of the level of income required, both now and in the future, and the ability to provide for dependants after death.


Will the retirement of your dreams be beyond your means?

Published Date: March 2019

Realistic retirement planning is important if we want our retirement income to match what we expect it will be.