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We offer an innovative range of lifetime income that provides a sustainable income in retirement. As an insurer, Just guarantees retirement income for life, giving you financial certainty and protection from outliving your assets.

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Our retirement income options provide guaranteed, stable post-retirement monthly payments. 

Just Lifetime Income

Just Lifetime Income

Fixed Increase Income

Fixed Increase Income

Structured Endowment

Structured Endowment

Our products help protect you from certain risks in retirement.

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We believe everyone deserves a just retirement, and we’re here to help you make the most of yours. Explore your needs and options.

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Everyone deserves a just retirement

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Now is the time to lock in market gains

Fresh uncertainties created by the announcement of the Covid-19 Omicron variant could have people looking in earnest for certainty around their finances. And for those considering their retirement income options, there’s some good news. If your retirement savings were invested in a balanced fund through the market turmoil of 2020 until now, you could currently secure a lifetime income around 23% higher than if you purchased a lifetime income on the 1st of January 2020, before the market crash. 

This article appeared in Money Marketing, Cover and EBNet.

Poor Health Could Secure You a Higher Retirement Income

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month. It is estimated that in South Africa, prostate cancer will surpass all other forms of cancer by 2023. But while a diagnosis of prostate cancer would be bad news for your health, it could be good news for your retirement income. In a case study from Just SA, a 79-year-old man qualified for an uplift of 21% above standard rates as a result of his medical history, which included prostate cancer.

This article appeared in FA News, EBNet and Cover.

Annuity innovation no oxymoron

There is a prevailing perception that annuity products are staid and limited. Yet the local annuity market has undergone considerable change in recent years to address the increased risks faced by retirees and to cater for their individual needs. While no annuity products score full marks on their ability to address every retirement risk and need effectively, by comparing them we can see how annuity innovation has yielded products that suit a range of circumstances and risk appetite. 

This article appeared in Money Marketing, FA News and EBNet

COVID-19 update

You can expect consistent client service from Just during the COVID-19 outbreak and regulated lockdown. Please stay home and stay safe!

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