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We offer an innovative range of lifetime income that provides a sustainable income in retirement. As an insurer, Just guarantees retirement income for life, giving you financial certainty and protection from outliving your assets.

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Our explainer videos introduce our new generation retirement income products.

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Our retirement income options provide guaranteed, stable post-retirement monthly payments. 

Just Lifetime Income

Just Lifetime Income

Fixed Increase Income

Fixed Increase Income

Structured Endowment

Structured Endowment

Our products help protect you from certain risks in retirement.

Your retirement journey

We believe everyone deserves a just retirement, and we’re here to help you make the most of yours. Explore your needs and options.

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Everyone deserves a just retirement

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Recreate your future, rethink retirement

Increased global longevity is giving us more years of active health and possibly a longer retirement. But within current economic and political constraints, how can South Africans approaching retirement make these extra years count for more than just ‘bought time’?

This article appeared in IOL Personal Finance, MONEY MARKETING and FA NEWS

Retirement planning: Save money sensibly and it could save you

Not all young earners fully understand retirement solutions to make informed savings decisions for their future pension. It is common for more specific, short-term savings goals such as holidays, houses or hobbies to take priority over distant, less-defined objectives such as retirement planning. But faced with increasing longevity and a more active lifestyle during the golden years, this Savings Month Bonolo Mosoane says all South Africans should rather question if they can afford not to save for retirement.

This article appeared on FA NEWS, COVER and EBNET

Blended annuities – just right for your retirement income needs?

One way to better manage the higher risk of living annuities and the rigidity of guaranteed annuities is to use a blended annuity, a retirement income product that has the best of both in one.

This article first appeared on TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR MONEY

COVID-19 update

You can expect consistent client service from Just during the COVID-19 outbreak and regulated lockdown. Please stay home and stay safe!

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