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Just is a company in South Africa that specialises in giving income for life to pensioners. We’re a focused business-to-business brand and we look to partner with the best asset managers and advisory firms. We believe that everyone deserves a just and fair retirement, and our goal is to help pensioners achieve that. Find out more in our video.

Who are we?

  • We are specialists in retirement income solutions.
  • We are a global financial services group listed in the UK as Just Group plc.
  • We are a company that rethinks retirement to improve the income of our clients.
  • We are a registered long-term insurer and an authorised financial services provider, previously known as Just Retirement.

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Just Lifetime Income as an asset class in a living annuity

An adapted form of Just Lifetime Income is available as an asset class in a living annuity. Please click below if you would like further information.

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  • Just guarantees your retirement income for life and enhances this where possible.
  • Just is a well established, financially strong international insurance group.
  • Our lifetime income solutions combine global research with local experience.
  • We partner with high quality asset managers and administrators.


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How much is “just enough” to live on in retirement? What is the minimum income you need to cover your essential monthly expenses, and will you be able to secure this amount? JustEnough is an exclusive initiative created by Just to help answer these questions and empower the many retirees who are at risk of outliving their assets in retirement.  

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We have the following Just Lifetime Income options:

Investment-driven income

Inflation-linked income

Fixed-escalation income

Level income



All our Lifetime Income types can be offered as enhanced annuities – a type of guaranteed annuity that pays you more based on certain health and lifestyle factors, such as a chronic illness, or smoking.


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