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You select the percentage by which your income will increase each year. This can be between 1% and 10% and is chosen upfront. 

This product helps you to get partial protection against inflation if you cannot afford full protection. Your income will continue to increase by this percentage every year for the remainder of your life.

The greatest risk is that inflation may increase significantly above the percentage of increase selected.

Product conditions and details

Entry age
Minimum entry age40
Maximum entry age85

Purchase amount
Minimum purchase amountR50 000

Optional product features
Spouse's income25%, 50%, 75% or  100% of lifetime income
Minimum payment period5, 10, 15 or 20 years paid as a lump sum (the present value of the income anticipated for the remainder of your minimum payment period) or as a continuing income to your nominated beneficiary(ies)

Important points

  • Once the policy has started, your purchase amount cannot be returned and there is no cooling-off period.
  • The policy has no surrender value at any time.
  • You cannot make any changes after the income starts.

Please read the Just Fixed Escalation Income key information document for more information. Or contact us to request a quote.