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Most South Africans will face a bleak reality when their working lives come to an end

Published Date: 11/9/2019

Deane Moore, CEO of retirement income specialist Just South Africa, says there is a way to consciously consume more in your active retirement years, knowing that later on you can fall back on a lower income that at least covers your essential expenses for life.

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Rethink retirement, spend sustainably

Published Date: 30/8/2019

In the face of rising living costs and high levels of household debt, the notion of retiring comfortably seems beyond reach for many South Africans. However, Just maintains that soon-to-be retirees can facilitate a smoother transition towards a sustainable lifestyle in retirement by rethinking their essential spending.


Just Group Credit Rating

Published Date: 19/9/2017

19 September 2017 We are pleased to announce that Just Group plc has been given a credit rating of A by the Fitch ratings agency. This is a long-term issuer default rating on a global scale.