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Women don’t save enough for retirement – why don’t they and why should they?

Published Date: 16/8/2018

Twané Wessels, Product Actuary at Just, talks to Nompu Siziba on SAFM about why and how women should take control of their financial destiny.

Press Releases

How a voluntary purchase annuity can save you tax in retirement

Published Date: 12/9/2018

Consider tax when choosing an income vehicle in retirement. Compared to unit trusts for example, a tax-efficient annuity can help to provide you with the highest possible income.


Just Group Credit Rating

Published Date: 19/9/2017

19 September 2017 We are pleased to announce that Just Group plc has been given a credit rating of A by the Fitch ratings agency. This is a long-term issuer default rating on a global scale.