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Should you expect to live to 100 and will your pension last that long?

Published Date: 14/1/2020

Two critical retirement planning questions you need to make assumptions about are - how long will I live and how well will I live? We don't have the answers, but there is now more information on the possibilities and probabilities. We need to plan and save for how much income we will need in our later years when we stop working, but we don't know, with certainty, when we will die. So this critical financial planning still involves quite a bit of guesswork, but expert insights can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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Financially independent parents on the wish list this festive season

Published Date: 18/12/2019

In a challenging political and economic landscape, CEO Deane Moore questions whether this is not the time to consider a shift in emphasis on the notion of a financial legacy. Perhaps the best gift for grown-up children is freedom from the potential burden of financially supporting their retired parents. This is particularly true for the so-called sandwich generation, who are supporting both their dependent adult children and their parents simultaneously - a big ask for much of the population who may already be finding it difficult to make ends meet and save for their own retirement.


Just Group Credit Rating

Published Date: 19/9/2017

19 September 2017 We are pleased to announce that Just Group plc has been given a credit rating of A by the Fitch ratings agency. This is a long-term issuer default rating on a global scale.