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Our life annuity options

Designed to make the most of your retirement savings

Financial security is a key concern during your transition into retirement. By purchasing a life annuity tailored to your retirement needs, you can rest assured that your income is risk-resistant and guaranteed for life.

Rethink retirement

We believe the longevity of your retirement income should never be uncertain. That is why we offer a range of life annuity options designed to safeguard your finances in your golden years.

Secure a guaranteed income for life

Lifetime income is a post-retirement monthly payment that provides a guaranteed and stable income in retirement; an income for life, no matter what happens.

We are able to provide a fair price and financial security for your retirement income.

  • The income you receive from a Just life annuity will never decrease no matter what happens to investment markets or how long you live.
  • Your annual increase in income depends on the life annuity policy you select.

Our products

You can purchase a lifetime income from Just SA if you are leaving a retirement fund, transferring out of a living annuity, or voluntarily purchasing a retirement income from personal savings.

The minimum amount you need to purchase a lifetime income from Just SA is R50 000.

Here are some options you can choose from:

Just Lifetime Income

Secure a guaranteed income for life, with increases linked to the performance of a balanced investment portfolio. Just Lifetime Income is available as:

  • This is a type of guaranteed life annuity known as a with-profit annuity. Just Lifetime Income converts retirement savings into a regular income for the rest of your life.

  • The problem often associated with a living annuity is the increased risk factor due to investment market performance. However, the most effective way to decrease this risk is to blend this annuity with a life annuity - we call this a blended annuity.

Just Fixed Increase Income Annuities

Secure a lifetime retirement income with regular payments guaranteed for life. Our fixed increase income is available as:

  • This life annuity is designed for the few people whose expenses are relatively fixed in retirement, or who have another way of protecting themselves against inflation – for example, with other forms of substantial savings.

  • This life annuity secures partial protection against inflation if you cannot afford full protection. Your income will continue to increase by a chosen percentage (between 1% and 10%) every year for the remainder of your life.

This life annuity offers protection against inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). However, the inflation experienced depends on how your regular expenses increase relative to CPI. For example, for several years, medical inflation has been much higher than CPI.

We also offer products to complement retirement income planning.
These are available to anyone who may find them effective before, or in retirement.

Just Structured Endowment Policy

A linked endowment insurance policy, with a specified withdrawal option, that provides a return of capital plus a fixed net-of-tax return after five years.

The Just Structured Endowment is suitable if:

  • You are looking for a tax-efficient way to save
  • You are looking for a fixed return as part of your overall asset allocation strategy and are comfortable that the partial withdrawal provides sufficient access to your investment over the next five years
  • You are managing assets as part of your estate. Your investment will be paid directly to your beneficiaries, instead of waiting for your estate to be wound up.

Just offers a unique option of a specified partial withdrawal after either two or three years. The remaining maturity value is then payable at the end of the fifth year.


Just Term Certain Income Annuity

Just Term Certain Income is a type of annuity that pays a guaranteed income of a predetermined amount for a chosen period.

The Just Term Certain Income is suitable if you are:

  • Seeking a guaranteed income stream for a set period
  • Approaching retirement and are looking for a secure, predictable, income supplement until other sources of income begin
  • Managing the financial affairs of a minor who has received a lump-sum payment and requires a series of payments for a set period

Product guide

Download a copy of our product guide

Your retirement income experts

Just SA is a specialist in providing insurance that guarantees income in retirement. Our team members have a track record of product innovation in the local life annuity market, and together with the expertise and intellectual property we leverage from our parent company, Just Group plc we are able to provide a fair price and financial security for your retirement income.

Do you need more information?

Consider seeking advice from a qualified financial adviser. Contact us to request the details of an adviser in your area, or to find out more about our offering.

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