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Understanding and confidence regarding your retirement income options is generally low, so we've collated some insights to help you understand your own retirement needs and the choices available to you. 

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Justifying the five phases of retirement

This article series aims to provide a holistic review of the five phases of the retirement journey and the financial
considerations that accompany each one.

How do annuities work for retirement in South Africa?

Discover how annuities work for retirement income planning in South Africa. We explore the benefits of guaranteed income for income planning.

Living annuity guide: South Africa

In this guide, Just SA explains the essential features, benefits, risks, and potential drawbacks of living annuities – as well as how this kind of investment vehicle fits into the overall retirement landscape in South Africa.

Retirement planning guide: South Africa

If you are approaching retirement or are currently planning your income needs for retirement, it is important to be informed about the overall retirement landscape in South Africa.

Preparing financially for retirement can be daunting, but having an understanding of the common pitfalls associated with retirement income planning is a good place to start. 

8 reasons to invest in a life annuity for your retirement plan

Planning for retirement is crucial to ensure financial security and peace of mind during your golden years. 

One of the most effective retirement planning options, standing above the rest in terms of reliability, certainty, and stability, is a life annuity – a financial product that provides a guaranteed income for life. 

Let’s dive deeper!

What is important to you in retirement, and what can you do about it?

A recent Retirement/Financial planning survey with the 60+ community confirms that one of the most important financial considerations in retirement is an income that lasts a lifetime. Wouldn’t that be nice.

But does it sound too good to be true? It isn’t!

Guaranteed annuities

Dr Gizelle Willows says: "The nice thing about a guaranteed annuity is that you just never need to worry. No matter what happens in the markets, no matter how long you live, you’ll never be without an income."

What is a life annuity? (video)

This short video aims to give you an easy-to-understand overview of life annuities, and how they work. Life annuities are becoming a more popular solution among South African retirees, especially for those who have just enough (or not enough) saved for retirement.

What is an annuity?

An annuity is a financial services product that provides a future regular income stream in exchange for an initial fixed contribution. Around the world, annuities are commonly used as a way to fund retirement.

The key differences between a living annuity and a life annuity

Many financial service providers offer a host of life, living and hybrid annuity products. It may be difficult to know which annuity product gives you the best possible retirement income that is suited to your individual circumstances.

Just Retirement Insights 2022

A survey of the South African retirement market & their needs