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Understanding and confidence is generally low, so we've collated some insights to help you understand your own retirement needs and the choices available to you. 

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What is an annuity?

An annuity is a financial services product that provides a future regular income stream in exchange for an initial fixed contribution. Around the world, annuities are commonly used as a way to fund retirement.

The key differences between a living annuity and a life annuity

Many financial service providers offer a host of life, living and hybrid annuity products. It may be difficult to know which annuity product gives you the best possible retirement income that is suited to your individual circumstances.

Guaranteed annuities and inflation - what is the impact?

It is important to understand different life annuity options available when you retire so you can protect yourself from rising inflation and reduced purchasing power, and most importantly increase the propensity to cover your essential expenses throughout retirement.

Saving for retirement

Saving for retirement is often just as much a mental battle as it is a financial one. To get you started on your retirement savings journey and on the road to a more comfortable retirement, here are five simple steps to follow.

Retirement and tax

The role of tax in your retirement planning is important to put yourself in a better position to make informed choices about how to grow your savings in the most tax efficient way possible, and increase your pension pot without needing to increase your monthly contributions.

Just Retirement Insights 2022

A survey of the South African retirement market & their needs