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Guide your Clients Towards a Sustainable Retirement Income

In an age of uncertainty, retirees understandably seek certainty. No matter how much planning goes into it, when faced with the decision to convert hard-earned retirement funds into a reliable income in retirement, many are still unsure if it will be enough to last and rely on their financial advisers to help them. 

Our white paper pulls together the learnings from more than 20,000 South Africans who invested in living annuities when they retired. It uncovers the need to understand the impact of different drawdown rates on income sustainability in retirement. 

Using income sustainability maps, we can help you ascertain what the optimal retirement income solution is for your client: a pure living annuity, a life annuity, or a blended living annuity.

This white paper is designed to help you navigate those difficult discussions around living annuity drawdown rates and retirement income sustainability.

 Bjorn Ladewig, Head of Distribution & Marketing

We use three crucial findings to consider optimal retirement income strategies: 

  • Drawdown Rates and Sustainability: why close to 70% of SA living annuitants are drawing more than they can sustain.
  • The Impact of Incremental Changes: the substantial difference between drawing a difference of 0,5%  per year. 
  • Considering Life Expectancy: why your clients’ financial plan should not only cover the years up to average life expectancy.

To download a copy of our Optimal Retirement Income Strategies please provide us with a few details:

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