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Our Shareholder

Just is a subsidiary of UK-listed Just Group plc

Just Group is a specialist financial services group, headquartered in the UK. It is a leading and established provider of retirement income products and services to individual and corporate clients. 

Just Group provides people with guidance, products and services to help them achieve security, certainty and peace of mind in later life. 

Our shareholder has a sustainable capital model, expanding distribution franchise and strong medical intellectual property. It is adaptive and innovative and operates a strong business model in growing markets.

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Fitch credit rating on international scale*


AUM as at 31 Dec 2021

650 000+

Number of policyholders


Premiums for the 12 months to Dec 2021


Solvency Capital Requirement**
as at 31 December 2021

*5 or 6 (or more) notches above SA financial institutions, depending on which rating agencies are being compared

** A solvency capital requirement (SCR) is the amount of funds that insurance companies are required to hold to meet their capital obligations to policyholders.
The solvency capital requirement covers existing business as well as new business expected over the course of 12 months.