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Guaranteed annuities

Dr Gizelle Willows is the founder of Nudging Financial Behaviour. She is passionate about helping people understand their behaviour with money and gently nudging them to spend less and save more. She has created an easy-to-understand video series about financial considerations at retirement. These videos cover guaranteed annuities ­– something we at Just SA advocate to help you achieve a better later life financially! Dr Willows echoes our sentiments when she says “the nice thing about a guaranteed annuity is that you just never need to worry. No matter what happens in the markets, no matter how long you live, you’ll never be without an income.”

Do you want to find out how a guaranteed life annuity can work as a financial cushion for you in retirement? Have a look at our easy-to-follow infographic. You can also view our other blog posts or email us your request for a no-obligation quote.

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