We offer a Just Lifetime Income, which is a post-retirement monthly payment (also called an ‘annuity’). It will provide you with a guaranteed and stable income in retirement. This income will never decrease no matter what happens to investment markets or how long you live.

You can purchase a Just Lifetime Income if you are leaving a retirement fund, or are transferring out of a living annuity before the age of 85.
The minimum amount you need to purchase a Just Lifetime Income is R50 000.


We have the following Just Lifetime Income options:


Your annual increases in income are targeted to increase with inflation, and are related to the performance of an investment portfolio.

For the investment-driven option, please view our product brochures, Fund Fact Sheets and 2019 Increase Notes for more information.


Your income will increase annually in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).


Your income will increase annually by a percentage that you select at the beginning. The percentage can be anything from 1% to 10%.


Your income will stay the same every year.


All these income options give you the choice to nominate beneficiaries to continue receiving income payments for a certain time period after your death.

To purchase a Just Lifetime Income, please speak to your financial adviser. If you don’t have a financial adviser, please contact us at info@justsa.co.za and we will put you in touch with one.

A Key Information Document for each type of Just Lifetime Income is available here.


Just Lifetime Income as an asset class in a living annuity

An adapted form of Just Lifetime Income is available as an asset class in a living annuity. Please click below if you would like further information.

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All the Just Lifetime Income types can be offered as ‘enhanced annuities’ – a guaranteed monthly income that pays you more based on certain health and lifestyle factors, such as a chronic illness, or smoking. 

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