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Just Level Income

You get a level amount of income each month. 

This product is designed for the few people whose expenses are relatively fixed in retirement, or who have another way of protecting themselves against inflation (for example, other forms of substantial savings).

Just Level Income allows for a high rate of income at the start of the annuity, but without an annual increase in place, inflation will erode the buying power of the income over time. At 6% inflation per annum, this means that your purchasing power will be halved over 12 years.



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Product conditions and details 

Entry age 
Minimum entry age  50
Maximum entry age  85 


Purchase amount
Minimum purchase amount R50 000


Optional product features
Spouse's income 25% to 100% of lifetime income
Minimum payment period 5, 10, 15 or 20 years paid as a lump sum or as a continuing income to your nominated beneficiary(ies) 


Please read the Just Level Income key information document for more information. Or contact us to request a quote.