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Protection against risks in retirement

One-size-fits-all retirement income products don’t suit everyone.

We know from research that many retirees would prefer to receive a guaranteed income for life rather than risk depleting their retirement savings, especially in a low return environment.

Investment tools are very effective in managing investment risk, but longevity risk requires a different tool, one that allows individuals to pool and share risk. Insurance tools were designed to do exactly this.


Just’s lifetime income options provide protection against certain risks in retirement: 


Longevity Risk
Outliving your retirement savings

Bag with money
Investment Risk
Insufficient returns to sustain income. Consuming capital when markets fall

Inflation Risk
Income needs to grow to meet same expenses a year later

behavioural risk
Behavioural Risk
Spending more than you earn

We offer a range of products to help you make the most of your financial retirement resources.