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Endowment and Term Certain Income rate report

8 July 2024  |  Week 28

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Linked endowment rates (Structured endowment)

Just Structured Endowment is a linked endowment insurance policy that provides a return of capital plus a fixed net-of-tax return after five years, based on the performance of the underlying assets.

The effective return, net of tax and all fees and charges, will be quoted in advance and is expected to be significantly greater than fixed deposit rates. The underlying asset is a structured deposit from one of the five largest banks in South Africa - Investec Private Bank. You have the option to enhance the yield by adding credit exposure to one or more counterparties with high quality credit ratings, which will be named in the quotation. The full investment, both capital and fixed return, is exposed to the risk of default of either the bank and, if appropriate, the named counterparties. Just SA does not underwrite this risk nor provide any guarantee. 

Institution Commission % (including VAT) Investment amount Return on investment Maturity value
Just SA 3,00% R1 000 000 6,30% R1 357 494
Just SA 3,00% R5 000 000 6,41% R6 820 113
Just SA 3,00% R10 000 000 6,42% R13 713 166
Just SA 1,50% R1 000 000 6,73% R1 384 560
Just SA 1,50% R5 000 000 6,83% R6 955 441
Just SA 1,50% R10 000 000 6,84% R13 919 042



For quotes more than R10m, contact the Just Business Development team.
The rates may change during the week.
Minimum investment amount R250 000. 
The above rates are based on the standard yield with Investec Private Bank.

Term Certain Income with voluntary money

The Just Term Certain Income pays a guaranteed income of a predetermined amount for a chosen period.

This type of annuity could be helpful if you are seeking a guaranteed income stream for a set period, or if you are approaching retirement and are looking for a secure, predictable income supplement until other sources of income begin.

Institution Commission % (including VAT) Term Investment amount Gross income
Just SA 1,50% 5 R1 000 000 R 19 475
Just SA 1,50% 10 R1 000 000 R 12 244
Just SA 1,50% 15 R1 000 000 R 10 305
Just SA 1,50% 20 R1 000 000 R 9 553


For quotes more than R10m contact the Just Business Development team.
The rates may change during the week.
The rates are based on no increases on income, but a choice of annual increase between 1% and 10% is available.
Minimum investment amount R50 000. 

Five Year Term Certain Income with maturity value

The Just Structured Endowment provides a fixed after-tax maturity value at the end of five years. The benefit is based on assets from one of South Africa’s leading banks, Investec Private Bank. Investors looking for income during the five-year term can choose to include a term certain annuity with the defined maturity value.

Institution Commission % (including VAT) Income and maturity value term Investment amount Gross income Capital maturity value
Just SA 1,50% 5 R1 000 000 R 5 334 R1 000 000
Just SA 1,50% 5 R5 000 000 R 27 368 R5 000 000
Just SA 1,50% 5 R10 000 000 R 54 910 R10 000 000



For quotes more than R10m or longer than five year payments, contact the Just Business Development team.
The rates may change during the week. The rates are based on no increases on income, but a choice of annual increase between 1% and 10% is available.

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