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Just Lifetime Income

Just Lifetime Income is a type of guaranteed life annuity known as a with-profit annuity. Just Lifetime Income converts retirement savings into a regular income for the rest of your life.

You can purchase Just Lifetime Income if you are leaving a retirement fund, transferring out of a living annuity, or voluntarily purchasing a retirement income from personal savings.

Important points

  • Once the policy has started, your purchase amount cannot be returned and there is no cooling-off period.
  • The policy has no surrender value at any time.
  • You cannot make any changes after the income starts.

For more information please watch our explainer video, refer to our
product brochure or view the key information documents for: 


You can also view the fund fact sheets for each investment portfolio and increase option for more detail on increase track records and fees and charges. 

The relative value of a life annuity, like Just Lifetime Income, should be a combination of the starting income, the increase potential (after all fees), and the level of guarantee. We encourage you to seek advice from a financial adviser to understand your options.

If you don’t have a financial adviser, please contact us for more information or to request the details of an adviser in your area.

Do you need more information?

Consider seeking advice from a qualified financial adviser. Contact us to request the details of an adviser in your area or to find out more about our offering.