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Enhanced annuities

Poor health could secure you a higher retirement income

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month. It is estimated that in South Africa, prostate cancer will surpass all other forms of cancer by 2023. But while a diagnosis of prostate cancer would be bad news for your health, it could be good news for your retirement income.

This article appeared in FA News, EBNet and Cover.

Living with Diabetes: You can secure higher income in retirement

An enhanced life annuity offers retirees with diabetes (or any life-threatening illness or poor health) the opportunity to ensure they are getting the highest possible starting income in retirement. Based on latest figures – and other statistics relating to the health of the South African population – enhanced life annuities benefit at least 40% of retirees.

This article appeared in MONEYMARKETING and EBNET

The long-lingering ghosts for pensioners of the Covid-19 virus and the kleptocracy regime

Bruce Cameron says "The ghosts of the latest [market] events are going to be long-lasting. Investment markets are going to be volatile. You can expect increases in taxes, you can expect inflation or deflation and you can expect less income in the years ahead. It is best to take action now." Read the full DAILY MAVERICK article. 

Longevity and health are major obstacles in SA's retirement

Most South Africans rate their health as very good or above average, but underestimate their life expectancy.

Medical underwriting in retirement can smooth the road to recovery

If you have breast cancer you could qualify for a higher retirement income, making the financial implications of the disease one less thing to worry about.