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Tax considerations

Retirement and tax

The role of tax in your retirement planning is important to put yourself in a better position to make informed choices about how to grow your savings in the most tax efficient way possible, and increase your pension pot without needing to increase your monthly contributions.

The emotional toll of choice

Current regulations require you to use a minimum of two thirds of your retirement fund income to purchase a life annuity or a living annuity, or a combination of both. It's a big choice for retirement! Which one should you choose? 

Careful tax planning can help you stretch retirement savings

Soon-to-be-retirees have many options to consider to ensure their retirement and discretionary savings work best for them in retirement. If you have diligently saved for retirement, you don’t pay income tax on contributions paid into a retirement fund or retirement annuity, nor on the investment build up within these retirement vehicles. But when you retire and start taking the money out, it will be taxed as income. This article also appeared in BUSINESS TECH.

About to retire? Take great care

The next DAILY MAVERICK op-ed by Bruce Cameron says by adding five years to your working life, you can improve your retirement savings by about 20-30% and reduce the time you will spend living off your savings. Just CEO Deane Moore provides an example of how delaying retirement can help you.

Clearing up the confusion about annuity products

PERSONAL FINANCE clears up some confusion regarding annuities, including converting from a living annuity to a life annuity. Just's Segabe Ditodi contributes to the article and provides insight into the broader process.

Tax-efficient ways to save for retirement

Only 6% of South Africans will be able to retire comfortably, according to National Treasury. Further to this, the Just Retirement Insights survey conducted by Just SA estimates that there is a 22% shortfall between expectations and actual retirement provisions based on current annuity rates.

How a voluntary purchase annuity can save you tax in retirement

Consider tax when choosing an income vehicle in retirement. Compared to unit trusts for example, a tax-efficient annuity can help to provide you with the highest possible income.

Budget Review – why are retirees so badly off?

The 2018 budget will place increased pressure on retirees’ disposable income because of income tax bracket creep. Simply put, inflationary annuity income increases may have pushed some middle to high income earners into a higher tax bracket.