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Just Lifetime Income

Just Lifetime Income is accessible as a standalone life annuity or as a lifetime income portfolio in a blended living annuity

  • Just Lifetime Income is a type of guaranteed life annuity known as a with-profit annuity
  • It converts retirement savings into a regular income for the rest of your life
  • Income is guaranteed and will never decrease regardless of investment market movements
  • Just Lifetime Income is the retirement income option that is designed to be closest to a salary
  • It can be used to cover essential expenses and to diversify investments


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Annual increases are linked to investment performance

When you retire, your expenses continue and so does inflation. Just Lifetime Income is designed to provide annual payment increases that target inflation, or a percentage above inflation to keep up with the cost of living. 

What makes Just Lifetime Income different to other with-profit annuities is that increases are linked to the performance of an independent underlying investment portfolio managed by specialist asset managers. To view the increase track record for each underlying investment portfolio, please see our fund fact sheets

Optional features of Just Lifetime Income

An income legacy gives you the ability to choose different options to be able to provide for your spouse and family when you pass away.

Just Lifetime Income is also offered as an enhanced annuity, which can improve your starting income. Depending on your circumstances, there is potential to significantly increase your starting income, but income can never be reduced as a result of the underwriting process.