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Retirement in the time of COVID-19

The global pandemic has highlighted the increased risk of death the elderly face if they contract COVID-19. Fortunately, the majority who contract the virus will survive. However they will face another wholly unpalatable risk – the risk of not having a sustainable income for life in an environment where investment markets have crashed, and retirement savings have been significantly reduced.

Blended living annuities deliver higher sustainable incomes

Just Product Actuary, Johann Swanepoel, featured in the April edition of MONEY MARKETING tackling the longstanding debate of which is best – a life annuity or a living annuity? At Just, we believe it is both, and a blend of the two is best.

Half of South African retirees plan to rely on their children if they run out of savings

Retirement income specialist Just has published a new survey focusing on the saving habits of South Africans, showing that a large number of people expect to rely on their children and grandchildren should they run out of retirement savings. The findings highlight the important role of careful planning to help make informed decisions around the effective use of limited resources.

Humans have longer life expectancy - but their money might not

Fin24 covers some of the findings from the 2019 "Just Retirement Insights" study. CEO Deane Moore says: "Our key concern rising from this latest study is the high proportion of people approaching retirement who have not saved enough, yet expect an unrealistically high level of income from their existing retirement pot."

You may be overestimating the retirement income you'll have

Many South Africans are not doing enough planning when it comes to retirement and think that their savings will generate a pension way beyond what their money can sustain. Annuity provider Just SA recently published its "2019 Retirement Insights" after interviewing more than 500 South Africans between the ages of 50 and 85

The state of the South African retirement crisis

Recent research commissioned by Just about retirement income shows a worrying gap between people’s expectations and reality, but there are innovative solutions available to retirees.

Smoothing out market volatility to sustain retirement income

Can you afford to be exposed to highly volatile markets in retirement when you are dependent on that same investment vehicle to provide you with stable income?