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Just Lifetime Income can be included as an investment portfolio within a living annuity. 

This creates a living annuity uniquely blended with a life annuity, allowing you to secure a level of income for life within the living annuity while maintaining discretion over the balance of your assets.

Just currently provides the Lifetime Income portfolio in living annuities of five partners. 


Blending a Just Lifetime Income portfolio with a partner living annuity

  • The Just Lifetime Income portfolio provides sustainability in a living annuity
  • Income from the Just Lifetime Income portfolio is paid into the living annuity
  • Increases in income are linked to the performance of balanced funds managed by some of SA’s leading asset managers
  • Income is guaranteed and will never decrease regardless of investment market movements
  • You choose the proportion allocated to Just Lifetime Income to secure income to cover essential expenses and as a diversifying investment
  • You maintain the flexibility to choose how much to draw each year from the total market value of the living annuity, which includes the Just Lifetime Income portfolio

Some of our media articles unpack the benefits of a blended living annuity. If you'd like to know more about how the blended living annuity works, contact us to arrange a chat with one of our specialists.  


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