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Women save more and plan more for retirement, study reveals

New research from retirement income specialist Just SA reveals that South African women claim to have saved more on average than their male counterparts by almost half a million rand.

Don’t eat the marshmallow and sweeten your income in retirement

If you want an income that lasts in retirement, don’t eat the marshmallow.  What does this mean?  It means being able to say no to an unnecessary purchase today on behalf of a greater prize – financial certainty and dignity when you retire.

Safe, risky or danger - which retirement zone are you in?

Many pensioners invested in a pure living annuity run the risk of using up their retirement savings too soon, which could lead them to become a burden in their final years.

This article was published in Business Tech

Just SA supports Pensioners Feeding Scheme to provide fresh meals to SA’s elderly

A Soweto-based charity started by Just SA underwriter, Lerato Thusi, and friends has been feeding pensioners in long queues at the Post Office every month since September 2021. The feeding scheme is now a beacon of hope for pensioners in the local communities of Orlando East and Meadowlands.

Article appeared in Soweto Urban

New retirement report suggests a more permanent mind shift from flexibility to certainty

Findings from our 2022 retirement insights tracking study are out today, and the results suggest a more permanent mind shift in what pensioners want from their retirement income.

Best opportunity to buy a life annuity this decade

There is a window of opportunity for pensioners to lock in certainty of income for life, against an increasingly uncertain and volatile future.

Five common mistakes to avoid when planning your retirement

Our experience has seen retirees make the same errors time and time again when it comes to important decisions about retirement income. There are five common mistakes that you should try to avoid.

This article appeared in the Daily Maverick, FA News and EBnet

Blended annuities – just right for your retirement income needs?

One way to better manage the higher risk of living annuities and the rigidity of guaranteed annuities is to use a blended annuity, a retirement income product that has the best of both in one.

The emotional toll of choice

Current regulations require you to use a minimum of two thirds of your retirement fund income to purchase a life annuity or a living annuity, or a combination of both. It's a big choice for retirement! Which one should you choose? 

Now is the time to lock in market gains

Fresh uncertainties could have people looking for financial certainty, and there’s some good news for those considering their retirement income options. 

This article appeared in Money Marketing, Cover and EBNet.

Poor health could secure you a higher retirement income

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month. It is estimated that in South Africa, prostate cancer will surpass all other forms of cancer by 2023. But while a diagnosis of prostate cancer would be bad news for your health, it could be good news for your retirement income.

This article appeared in FA News, EBNet and Cover.

Annuity innovation no oxymoron

While no annuity products score full marks on their ability to address every retirement risk and need effectively, by comparing them we can see how annuity innovation has yielded products that suit a range of circumstances and risk appetite. 

This article appeared in Money Marketing, FA News and EBNet